This site is primarily about spirituality. What does God say as well as about understanding the spirituality of our being from the ground up. This is a small attempt to reach the real truth. Who is God who is His servant? Where do misunderstandings arise and how can we eliminate them?
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  • OCD- Symptoms and Treatment - What is OCD? OCD is a mental illness in which the patient is distracted by thoughts about religion. There are other symptoms of this disease but it is the main problem. Other Symptoms There may be other symptoms in this disease. Every patient has different symptoms. Never let a patient overwhelm you by listening to another patient’s symptoms, nor let the illusion take over your mind, because the more important the problem, the more serious it can be. Don’t even pay attention to the thoughts that come to mind. And […]
  • The Reality of Man and Real World - A Man By Birth Every human being is born a Muslim. It is his parents who make him a kaafir. And the fact is that when every human being is born, he is aware of the realities of the world as well as God, but gradually as he spends his time in the world, he is deceived by the world and forgets instead of learning. There comes a time when he learns worldliness. And the originality is forgotten. The Reality of His Life and This World He who comes from […]
  • Who Is The Feeder of All - You have often heard the argument that only God gives. Some say that they eat the food of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). You will see someone begging Imam Ali (as). Some people also visit shrines. And the people of the shrine are seen begging. I will begin my writing with the translation of the verse of Surah Ar-Rahman in which Allah says: “All that are in the Heavens and the earth beg from him alone. Every moment His Glory manifests anew” (CH:55, V:29). First of all, the question […]
  • Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH - Difference of Beliefs There has been a great deal of disagreement among Muslims as to whether or not to believe in the Companions. On the contrary, it has become sectarian. Some sects consider them more than the Ahl al-Bayt and some start saying goodbye. Reality of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Companions First let’s see who the companions are. The real fact of the Companions is that they were the people of the time when the religion of Islam was presented and they accepted it. And many of them sacrificed their lives […]
  • Master Piece of Allah - Lord of Glory Every artist has a masterpiece. Which is the highest specimen of his creations. You can also gauge his creativity with this masterpiece. Every craftsman in the world, whether small or large, will have a work that is considered to be his best. In the same way, Allah, the Lord of Glory, has created everything in this universe and also the creatures of this universe. So it will also be a masterpiece. His Last Messenger Allah is the Lord of the worlds. His mercy is very wide. It […]
  • Slavery and Employment - Difference Between Slavery and Employment Slavery is over today. Servants are kept, not slaves. The servant is the one you hire, but there is a difference between a servant and a slave. The servant works on the universal principle of one hand, two hands. He is not your manor. You don’t own it. Your options on this are limited for a limited time. While the slave belongs to the master, he can treat whatever he wants. He is at His mercy. He can command whatever he wants. Slavery in Ancient […]
  • What is Jealousy? - Symptoms of Jealousy Today we are going to tell you what jealousy is. Seeing someone in a good position does not create a sense of competition or jealousy, but if it is allowed to take a positive turn, it can also benefit the society. But Don’t let anyone get anything, start trying to get in the way. Seeing someone find something can be discouraging. Say bad words about it. Conspiring against it. Trying to do harm. Also seeking help from invisible forces with the intention of harming. When a trick […]
  • Secret Of A Peaceful Life - Introduction You may have heard many motivational speakers in the world who will tell you how to live peace of mind. Someone will tell you how to keep your mind calm and someone will tell you how to tackle others. Is. But today we are going to tell you the secret of a peaceful life. Avoid Loneliness Your life is connected to others. You cannot live a peaceful life unless there is peace in the lives of those around you. It is a fact that everyone’s personality affects each other. […]
  • Jihad In Islam - Jihad and Terrorism The most common misconceptions about Islam are spread through jihad. The reason that non-Muslims have criticized Islam the most is that Muslims in Islam have been commanded by Allah to wage jihad. Sadly, Muslims are also misunderstanding the rule of Jihad. Many Muslims have also spread misconceptions about Islam by closing the gap between terrorism and jihad. In Islam, it is also not called Jihad, which should be started voluntarily. When and Why Jihad Is Compulsory? In Islam, Jihad is compulsory on all free adult men, but […]
  • Saints Of Allah- Roll Of Imam Ali A.S - Difference Of Beliefs There have always been many sects in every religion because of the different views of the people. All the prophets have been teaching basically the religion of Islam. Of these, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is our last prophet and messenger. He is the Imam of all the Prophets. Just as the saints of God have been present in the times of all the prophets, so are they present in the Ummah of Muhammad (peace be upon him). And because of the nearness of the […]